What do we do?

  • Turnkey renewable energy solutions: supply, installation, testing and commissioning;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and yield of the photovoltaic plant;
  • Portable, stand-alone plug and play photovoltaic kits;
  • Consultancy services for preliminary and detailed design of photovoltaic projects;
  • Complete services for the installation and commissioning of photovoltaic kits;
  • Large scale photovoltaic farms for export to electricity utility company under a power purchase agreement.
  • Canadian Solar CS6K-P-PG
  • Solar Frontier

Canadian Solar CS6K-P-PG

Canadian Solar’s modules are the best in class in terms of power output and long term reliability. Our meticulous product design and stringent quality control ensure our modules deliver a higher PV energy yield in live PV system as well as in PVsyst’e system simulation. Our in-house PV testing facilities guarantee all module component materials meet the highest quality standards possible.

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Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier is the world’s largest provider of CIS solar energy solutions. Our expertise covers the entire solar energy value chain, from pioneering next-generation CIS modules through to independent power production.

CIS Module: SF 150-170S Series

  • Generate more electricity* than crystalline silicon in real-world conditions
  • Among highest thin-film efficiencies: 13.8% mass production
  • Precision-engineered in Japan and globally certified and audited
  • RoHS compliant and shipped in virtually cardboard-free packaging with recyclable corner pieces.
  • Non-glare, black appearance

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